Who's What in the "World of Darkness"

All characters on this page written/created by Anthony Medeiros (except where otherwise noted).

When White Wolf's "Vampire:the Masquerade" rpg first came out (in 1991) my friends and I discussed and debated what famous (or notorious) historical figures would make good vampires. Naturally this conversation also covered contemporary public figures. As the other World of Darkness games were released, we started to include these creatures/beings in our musings. Some of these people were even made into n.p.c.s while others were never given stats (as they were not directly affecting the chronicle). As this list is small it has much room for growth. Please send me your ideas for Who's What and I will add them (fully credited to the contributor of course!).


(I humbly apologize to anyone who had wished to contribute to this page in the past. I had foolishly forgotten to include my e-mail. Please send any submissions now. They are most welcome. Thank you.)


H.P. Lovecraft-Tremere Prince of Providence, R.I.

His entry into the WoD was based on two things, a suggestion made by a clerk at a gaming store (in downtown Providence no less) and a qoute from Mr. Lovecraft (which is actually on his grave stone):
"I am Providence."
Such a bold statement, and Lovecraft's significance in this city, made him the perfect candidate for princedom. It could be argued that he should have been Malkavian or even Toreador. I decided on Tremere, because in the World of Darkness the things he wrote about were/are probably based in fact.

The Tremere suspected that he knew many forbidden secrets. The Malkavians also wanted to embrace him. They were responsible for making him deathly ill. The Kooks' hesitance to embrace him gave the Warlocks their chance and instead they brought him into the fold. After a carefully planned assassination of the residing Ventrue prince, Lovecraft claimed the domain (with tacit support of the primogen). Lovecraft honestly cares for his beloved hometown and jealously guards his fief. Some in his clan see him as vulgar for placing himself directly in power but he cares little for their disgust, after all he IS Providence.

Edgar Allen Poe-Malkavian Prince of Baltimore, Maryland

Poe has always been one of my favorite authors. Again I avoided the typical choice for this tortured soul (the Toreador simply could not appreciate his genius until years after his embrace/"death"). Touched by madness in life, he now carries his derangement through eternity.

Poe is as tragic a figure in unlife as he was as a mortal. Plagued by constant anarch uprisings and sabbat incursions, its all he can do to keep his wits about him.
Qoute:"Stop talking!!!(pause) All right, you can continue now."

Elvis, Toreador "King" of Memphis, Tennessee

I simply could not resist the idea of an undead Elvis. His charisma as a mortal was as powerful as any Presence discipline! He has, however, jeopardized the Masquerade with his occasional (and confusing) "sightings".

The "King" loves to propagate his own mythos. As long as he can, he will spread wild tales of Elvis living in a trailer park, recording new material, etc.. There is, after all, an obvious practical side to it all: his net worth increases as his legend grows. Viva Elvis!

Qoute:"Thank you. Thank you very much."

Samson, Brujah from biblical times

This concept was submitted to me by Gregory Smulkowski. I hadn't really considered biblical characters before. Now is a good time to start.

Samson was known for his prodigious strength (Potence), Presence-like charisma and short temper. (His frenzies resulted in carnage to rival any battlefield.) Ultimately, he succumbed to the temptations of Delilah, a Toreador temptress. Despite his weakened state, his final outrage was enough to destroy the arena where he had faced the humiliation of his enemies.


Carl McCoy, Uktena Moon Dancer

Few music fans this side of the Atlantic have heard of the now defunct Gothic-Western band Fields of the Nephilim. Their music centers mostly on myth and magick, of the Nephilim (an ancient race of giants) and of dark days gone, but perhaps not completely forgotten. Mr. McCoy was the band's lyricist/frontman before they split up in 1991 (he has since formed a similarly themed band called the Nefilim). In interviews he had much to say about the changing times and how the Unknown touches upon our reality. Usually when pressed for details he would change/drop the subject. While watching the F.O.T.N.'s music videos it was decided that he would make a great werewolf.

Carl has delved into the ancient mysteries since he learned of his true heritage. Like so many of his tribemates, he walks the fine line between the shadows and the light. Searching for the forbidden truths and dark secrets buried by the sands of time.
Qoute: "The things that I do want are not material. That's why I find it hard being here sometimes."



Roy Orbison, forlorn balladeer of the Shadowlands

I have been a fan of the Mr. Orbison for years. While I understand that his music is an acquired taste for some, I have always found his voice/words quite moving, even haunting. Such a voice echoes the sadness inherent in the afterlife (yet still teasing at the promise of something better).

This minstrel of loneliness still sings for and to the desperate, restless and the broken hearted.


"Reverend Manson", Unseelie Sluagh

Few people who see the video for Marilyn Manson's cover of "Sweet Dreams" can deny the physical resemblance between the good Reverend Manson and these sewer crawling Kithain. Maybe White Wolf based their Sluagh images on this fellow's stage persona.

The "Rev" preaches his dark and angry gospel to all who will listen. He is a pied piper leading the good little boys and girls into the shadowy corners of their own psyches. Gleefully, he marches off to Bedlam with his misguided followers in tow.
Qoute: "Chi-can-er-y will always make you happy!" -'Dope Hat'

Disclaimer: Any references to White Wolfİ copyrighted material are not intended as a challenge to their copyright on those properties.

Other Disclaimer: I expect that most people are able to not take themselves too seriously. However, I apologize in advance to any living personality/celebrity who may be offended by my portrayal of them on this page.

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